Times of Refreshing

The times of refreshing will come, says the LORD. Just as springtime follows a long and dreary winter season, so shall you be refreshed in your life. You have waited upon Me and you will not be disappointed. The season will change! The lifeless seed will germinate and blossom! There will be fruitfulness and your fruit will REMAIN, says the LORD.

Hope deferred that makes the heart sick is not your destiny, but I have given you a living HOPE! Your hope in Me is never empty and unproductive. THE SEASON of refreshing is upon you. You can once again feel the gently and warm breezes of My Spirit blowing on the hard and cold ground. You will see NEW LIFE and vitality and be refreshed, revived, renewed, and your lively hope will bring forth realized dreams because you have put our trust and faith in Me, and waited on Me to change the seasons for you that are in My hands, says the LORD.

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