Come Up Higher

Your expectations are WAY TOO LOW, says the LORD. COME UP HIGHER! You will be able to see more clearly. Your vision is too narrow, and you are too near sighted. I have new sights for you, and want you to see beyond your present circumstances that are restricting your ability to see. I will not only fortify your present

Daily Devotional: Hope

Thank you, Lord, for the hope that I have in you. I have known you to be faithful and true since my youth, and you have never failed me. You are with Me always, and I can put my trust in you, no matter what! You have brought me through many trials and tests in the past, and provided for

Daily Devotional: Courage and Strength

Thank you Lord, for strengthening our hearts and lives as we place our hope in you. You will not disappoint us, fail us, abandon us, or ignore us. We can be courageous because of your presence in our lives as you empower us to overcome every obstacle, every fear, every doubt, and every difficulty, as we trust in you. Amen.

Be Happy!

Happy is the one whose sins are forgiven, and who has been cleansed from all unrighteousness, says the LORD. You are most fortunate and blessed, because I have redeemed you by My blood, purged and purified you because of My grace, and brought you into My kingdom, filled you with My Spirit and sealed you with My own name, and

Living Hope

Hope in ME, says the Lord. That is not wasted energy, but alive and productive. It is not empty and barren but filled with faith that brings your hopes into reality.  I Am your hope, and I Am very much alive!  I live in you.  I live with you.  I Am the One who will fulfill you, furnish you, provide,

Daily Devotional: Beauty for Ashes

We thank you Lord that you give us beauty in exchange for ashes. When things seem destroyed beyond recognition, invaluable and wasted, you bring life and vitality. You give us the oil of joy in exchange for mourning. We forfeit that spirit of depression for praise. Thank you for giving us joy for the journey, peace beyond our understanding, beauty

You are NOT Hopeless and Helpless

Hopeless and helpless is not My description of you, says the LORD. You should NEVER let those words become a part of your vocabulary. I AM your hope that is alive and well! I Am the ONE Who helps you, and that is never small, but BIG! I Am with you, always, to give you GOOD success, as you meditate

Have Confidence in ME

Don’t cast away your confidence in ME, but cast away your fears, doubt and unbelief, says the LORD. For not only is that contrary to Me, but it is contrary to you. I have brought you out of tormenting darkness and you are in the light of My kingdom that is endless. The darkness, depression and defeat are PAST TENSE

Daily Devotional: Anchored

Thank you, Lord, that no matter what storms we face in life, you are there as a sure and secure and firm anchor. We will not be tossed by the winds of adversity, nor will the fierce and threatening waves jar us. Our hope is fixed in you, and we are secure, because we entrust our lives to you. Amen

Audible Voice of the LORD for AMERICA (unedited)

In Late October, 2015, GOD gave me the unspeakable gift of His audible voice in my ear. I came home from having lunch with My daughter and her friend one afternoon, and upon my return home, when I opened the door of my house, I could hear faint music. I have two CD players in my home, and I looked