victory-in-jesusDo not listen to the naysayers who only see the giants in the land, the iron chariots, the walls and the impossibilities, says the LORD. For MY WORD is what must propel you, and not fear that will paralyze you. How do you know the voice of the enemy? It will always speak of the situations that cannot be overcome. How will you be assured of MY VOICE? My WORD is always a WORD that produces faith, not fear and unbelief. I will tell you that NOTHING can conquer you, nothing can overpower you, nothing can harm you, nothing can defeat you, nothing can destroy you and nothing can keep you from possessing your promised land of blessings, except believing in the problem rather than overcoming with the POWER of MY Spirit that is in you, says the LORD.

There isn’t even one wall that will remain standing as you use the mighty weapons that I have given you to tear them down, says the LORD. There is no giant that can withstand MY SWORD! USE MY SWORD and slay every giant that defies Me, My people and your inheritance. Remember the chariots of Pharaoh and his army that could not destroy My people. His army was drowned in the Red Sea, the chariot wheels came off. NO weapon formed against you will succeed either as you war a good warfare in Me, fully equipped to destroy and defeat the enemy that rises up against you, and you too will have ultimate victory in ME, says the LORD.

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