Just as I prayed for Peter that His faith would not fail, I also pray for you, says the LORD. I pray for your faith in Me to be strong and unwavering. Let your faith be unfeigned! I pray that you will stand in the faith, regardless of the giants in the land, the iron chariots of the enemy, the walled cities, the seemingly insurmountable mountains that stand in your way, or the raging storms of life. I Am with you, and the GREATER ONE within you. You need NO OTHER!

Pray fervently, says the LORD. Trust always in Me! Stand in the faith, and KNOW that I Am the One that is standing alongside of you to HELP YOU. I cannot and will not leave you, and will NEVER fail you. The enemy cannot overpower Me, and you can be assured that He cannot overpower you, as I AM your shield and will defend you. I AM your source for all things, and I will give you the victory as you remain steadfast in your faith, as this is the victory that OVERCOMES the world, even YOUR FAITH, says the LORD.

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