Unlimited, Unrestrained, Unstoppable Power

Nothing is too difficult for Me, says the LORD. Can you create a galaxy? Can you make times and seasons? Are you able to take a dry, lifeless seed and cause it to germinate, grow, and produce fruit? I have created all thing for a purpose and my pleasure, and I have made you. Every complex thing is very simple for Me. Trust that miracles are what I do, and nothing can stop Me, if you will only take the limits off, and believe, says the LORD.

I can make something out of nothing, and do so instantly and perfectly, says the LORD. Your needs are small in My eyes. Your needs are simple for Me to perform. Believe that My power is unlimited, unrestrained, and unstoppable. I can, and I will do great and might things in the midst of those who will believe. For all things are in My control, and command. I will give you everything that you need, and much more, as you seek Me with all your heart, and entrust everything into My hands that created all things, including you, says the LORD.

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