Watch and Pray

Be a watchman on the Wall and prepare to sound the trumpet to alert the people, says the LORD. Watch and pray! For when I call My servants to watch, I expect them to remain alert! It is for you to KNOW the signs of the times, and to hear My Voice, as My sheep. Hear Me, and obey My voice and follow Me. I will never merely give you directions to point you to the way that I want you to go, but I take you by the hand, and lead you, so that you will not become confused or stray, says the LORD.
Those who watch and pray and remain alert will not be fooled by the enemy and fall into his traps that he is setting, says the LORD. You will be aware, and able to warn others. I have given you eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand, so that you can make wise decisions that come from by My Spirit in you, and you are able to instruct others. Be gentle and kind, even as I AM, and just as I take you by the hand and lead you safely in the direction that I want you to go, follow that kind of leadership with those I want you to mentor. Walk with them, support the weak, and be a compassionate and caring and loving servant that SERVES others, says the LORD.

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