Daily Devotional: Mercy

Thank you, Lord, that you are keeping a record of every merciful and kind act that we have ever done as we endeavor to please you with our lives and do the good works that bring glory and honor to your worthy name. Your promise to give us mercy in exchange for mercy is what we ask now, as we

Daily Devotional: Holy Spirit Intercession

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Holy Spirit that lives within our hearts and makes intercession for us. At times we just do not know how to pray or what to say, and you search our hearts, know our need, and come alongside to help us in our weakness. You are always with us, and your help is

Daily Devotional: Trust in GOD

Lord, as I face the difficulties of this day and enter into uncharted territories that are troubling, I know that I can trust you at all times. I will pour out my heart onto you, knowing that you will answer me. you will help me, and give me everything that I need to succeed. You are my refuge, and I

Watch and Pray

Be a watchman on the Wall and prepare to sound the trumpet to alert the people, says the LORD. Watch and pray! For when I call My servants to watch, I expect them to remain alert! It is for you to KNOW the signs of the times, and to hear My Voice, as My sheep. Hear Me, and obey My