You Are Greatly Beloved of ME

You are never out of My sight, says the LORD. I hear everyone of your prayers, and know the cry of your heart. You are greatly beloved of Me. Do not listen to the lies of the enemy, for he cannot tell the truth. I will NEVER forsake you, and you are NOT a second-class citizen. Though others abandon and abuse you, I cannot and will not. Regardless of your circumstances, KNOW that I Am with you always. My Love for you is unimpeachable, and I have given you My grace and favor. You are in My thoughts and I hold you in My unfailing hands, says the LORD.

You will be complete in Me, as I never have any unfinished business, and always complete what I have begun, says the LORD. Trust in MY LOVE and presence in your life, and KNOW that although you are going through difficulties, none of them are ordained by Me. I will hold you in My arms and keep you, day and night. You will always have what you need, for I will supply! I will be with you always, and you will know that I AM FAITHFUL and TRUE. You can lean on Me, trust in Me and KNOW that I will finish the good work that I have begun in you, and you will finish the course, and keep the faith that I have given you, because I Am with you, to insure that you can, and you will, says the LORD.

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