You Are Never ALone

I will hold you in My arms and keep you night and day, says the LORD. I Am the lover of your soul. You will never need to fear, for there is NO fear in My love for you. It is perfect and complete. You are NEVER alone, never friendless, and never without help. I Am everything that you need, and I do not give to you out of selfishness. There is No missing elements in MY love and care for you, for you are never out of My sight, never out of My thoughts and never out of My protection and care, says the LORD.

When I said that I will be with you always, that is just what I mean. ALWAYS IS ALWAYS. In your good times and in your difficult times, you can be assured of one thing: I AM WITH YOU. I share every thought you think, and joy when you are joyful, and sorrow with you when you are sad. It touches My heart when you are in pain, whether it is physical or emotional or mental or situational. I feel it. I CARE, says the LORD. Let your mind be at ease, knowing that I Am with you at all times. Even when you are not thinking about Me, I think of you. You are unique and special to Me, and I will always cradle you in My arms of love and comfort you in your times of trouble, and uphold you with My own right hand, to support you and keep you from falling, says the LORD.

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