Little things are important to Me and I take notice of them, says the LORD. The five little loaves and two little fishes that were placed in My hands became very significant, as I blessed them and used them to feed the multitude. The two little widow’s mites received My immediate attention, and I recorded it in My book to reward her openly. A common rod in the hand of Moses became a powerful weapon, as it was used to perform signs and wonders. I recognized the tiny ants as being industrious workers, used the little cloud, the size of a man’s hand, to end the long drought, and told you that your faith that is only the size of a grain of mustard seed can move a mountain, says the LORD.

I formed man out of the particles of the dust of the earth, says the LORD, and made him MY image, and you are not insignificant! I have given you eternal life and positioned you in My household of faith. You may see yourself as small and inept, but I see you as vital and important. I will never devalue you, overlook you or bypass you for another. You are precious and priceless to Me, and I will use you for My glory. DO not despise the days of small things and do not despise the days that I have given you in your earthly sojourn to accomplish what I have ordained you to do. Your life is VALUABLE and everything you do for Me and My kingdom is significant, recorded and will be rewarded. There is no other like you. I have made you unique, with a special purpose that no one else can fulfill. ONLY YOU can be the vessel that I have designed and created for My own purpose that was decreed over you before you were born. I treasure you, and have proclaimed your name before the Father, because you have professed My Name, and Made ME your God in whom you trust, says the LORD.

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