You Can Depend Upon My Love

You can depend upon My love for you, says the LORD. It is unimpeachable, unchanging and inexhaustible. Though others have failed you and walked out on you when you needed them the most, I will NEVER do that! I will remain, close to your side to hold you up and keep you from falling. You can lean on Me, and know that I will remain faithful and true, regardless of what the situations are in your life, says the LORD.

I will lavish My love on you and cradle you in My arms, says the LORD. You will know My tender, loving care, as you cast all your concerns onto Me. My arms are big enough to carry all the load that you have that is weighing you down, and I will also carry you. You do not need to struggle, but rest in My care and remain calm. For I Am your keeper, and you are safe and secure at all times in My embrace. No one can pluck you out of My hands, and nothing can separate you from Me and My love for you, says the LORD.

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