You Will Be Openly Rewarded

You will be openly rewarded for your labor of love for ME, says the LORD. Silver and gold that perishes on earth is not good enough for those who are as I AM, faithful and true! I Am true to MY WORD when I say that you will have gold that cannot perish, and precious stones that cannot wear out or become lost or stolen or tarnished. I have much in store for you, way beyond your imagination and expectations. YOU WILL SAY, Wow! WOW! WOW! Says the LORD.

Do not doubt Me when I say your labor is not vain in Me, says the LORD. Man cannot keep accurate records as do. For every time you even think on My name or speak and talk about Me, it is recorded in My books. I will reward your thoughts as well as what you do for ME. If thoughts become silver and gold, and I promised to reward those who even give a cup of cold water in My name, how much more will I give to those who have labored for Me tirelessly for many years? You have no vocabulary that can describe what is reserved for you that is in My kingdom that is without end. DO not labor for that which cannot be preserved but labor for that which is eternal, for great is the reward of those who diligently seek Me and give themselves as a sacrifice for My kingdom that is eternal, says the LORD.

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