Unearned, Unspeakable Gifts

Free is free, says the LORD. The gifts that I give you are not costing you. They have cost Me. I have given you irrevocable gifts out the treasure of My own loving heart. I have laid down My life for you, and what I have for you are unspeakable and holy and good gifts. Just receive them by faith

Daily Devotional: Prepared Goodness

Thank you, Lord, that you have reserved for us all of your great goodness, because we reverence you, and you have prepared everything that we need ahead of time, because of our trust in you. In the presence of others you openly shower us with your love and display your kindness, because we are your beloved children that you desire

Prepared, Preserved and Reserved Provision

Everything that you need has been laid up in store for you, says the LORD. There is nothing that is not already prepared, already reserved, and already preserved for you. No one can steal what I have placed your name on, and there will be no counterfeit blessings. Everything is authentic, priceless, precious and perfect. I design and hand craft

Rewards Await You

Rewards await you, says the LORD. I will reward your faithfulness to Me. I will reward the tears that you shed. I will reward the labor of your hands and your heart. I will reward every prayer that you have uttered. I will reward every gift that you have given, from the size of widow’s mites and your smallest sacrifice

Come and Dine

I have prepared My banquet table in My presence for you, says the LORD. COME and DINE. Everything that you need is on the table, and I have special surprises waiting for you. You will shout for joy, as you discover the things that I have reserved, just for you. It is My greatest desire to have friendship and fellowship

Hidden Treasures Revealed

There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, says the Lord. That includes My hidden treasures. I will make them manifest to you. I have reserved and preserved them for you to release them to you to equip you for the purposes that I have ordained for your Life. You will never be without anything that you need. You

You Will Be Openly Rewarded

You will be openly rewarded for your labor of love for ME, says the LORD. Silver and gold that perishes on earth is not good enough for those who are as I AM, faithful and true! I Am true to MY WORD when I say that you will have gold that cannot perish, and precious stones that cannot wear out