Your joy will be FULL in Me, says the LORD. I will not give you a half empty cup of consolation, but a full one! It will run over, for you will be fat and full of My blessings, My unspeakable joy in My presence will overflow from you and fill your environs. Rather than darkness and gloom, you will have light and be lighthearted. COME! Bask in My presence, and let Me supply you with the things that cannot be taken away from you, says the LORD.

I will fully satisfy the longing of your heart, says the LORD. You will not be empty, but full. You will be free from care as you cast all your care onto Me. You will rest, knowing that NOTHING is out of control. I will take care of everything pertaining to you, and you need not worry. Place all your trust in Me at all times, and just enjoy sweet fellowship and friendship with Me. I love to be with you, and you will have overwhelming joy, as you sit at My table and eat and drink all that you desire, and rejoice in My goodness, says the LORD.

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