I will pour out My blessings upon you as you receive double for all the difficulties you have suffered through, says the LORD. Yes, you will be restored as I rain them down, and you will not even miss what you lost. I have much more for you, and will reward your labor of love for Me. There will be NO SORROW attached to what I give, for in the past you have had sorrow and pain and you did not have the benefit of what you thought to be blessings. Instead they caused you grief. What I give you will cause your heart to sing, and you will not have any reason to feel remorse, says the LORD.

Things will change, says the LORD. I will give you a new perspective, new and powerful assignments, and I will align you with runners that will be in agreement with you, as I direct your path and propel you in the right direction. As the season changes for you, there will be joy. There will be GOOD success. There will not be identical battles that you faced in the past. You will be given new purposes and new avenues and new things will emerge as you forget about the former things that are no longer important, and receive the new that I have for you in this NEW season I have ordained for you, says the LORD.

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