Come to My feast that I have prepared for you, says the Lord. The table is set in My presence, and full of good things that you will enjoy. Your place is secure and preserved just for you. You do not have to wait for a special invitation, for I Am always ready for you, and My table is overloaded with everything that you need. You can celebrate with me all the time, for I long to give you blessings, and surprises that you never expected or even asked Me for, says the LORD.

I will lavish My love upon you and cause your heart to sing, says the LORD. Make no excuses for lingering when I Am waiting for you! Come now! You will not be disappointed in what I have prepared for you. As you fellowship with Me and enjoy communion, I will shock you with NEW THINGS. You will be thrilled and even wonder why you delayed. I have only good things prepared for you, and as you come, your joy will be full, and you will be refreshed and have new energy and vitality. I will give you all that you desire, as you rush into My presence, and eat of the bread of life, drink the new wine that will make your heart glad, and fully enjoy your intimate time with Me, says the LORD.

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