Fresh New Beginning

Look! I will make all things new for you, says the LORD. You will have a fresh, new beginning as I open new doors for you. I will give you new assignments, new connections, and a new and higher level that you will shift into. You will come up higher, and I will expand you, and give you greater results.

Daily Devotional: Goodness and Mercy

Thank you, Lord, for reassurance that your goodness and mercy for me is unending, uninterrupted, constant, and dependable, throughout my entire lifetime. They are independent of the troubles I see, the difficulties that I encounter, and the unknown future that is in your hands. I can trust you to deliver me from evil, and you have prepared a permanent place

Daily Devotionals: You Have Prepared a Table For Me

Thank you, Lord, for all the goodness that you have bestowed upon me, because I belong to you. You have a table prepared for me that is loaded with good things. Right in front of my enemies, you feed me with the bread of life, give me sparkling, living waters to drink, and bless me, while the unrighteous longingly press

Come to My Feast I Have Prepared For You

Come to My feast that I have prepared for you, says the Lord. The table is set in My presence, and full of good things that you will enjoy. Your place is secure and preserved just for you. You do not have to wait for a special invitation, for I Am always ready for you, and My table is overloaded

Daily Devotional: Strehgthen

Thank you, Lord, that you will strengthen me in you. I will walk in your presence, and in your name, I will be enabled to stand, unharmed, empowered, equipped, and prepared for every good work that you have called me to do. Your name is the highest, and as I trust in you, I will not fall nor fail. I

I Keep My Promises

I always keep My promises, says the LORD.  The Words that I have spoken will NOT fall to the ground. They will be fulfilled.  You can trust in My infallible Word, for circumstances that you face can never change it.  No power can alter what I have ordained, and nothing can abort My will and My plans.  I Am the

Daily Devotional: Prepared Goodness

Thank you, Lord, that you have reserved for us all of your great goodness, because we reverence you, and you have prepared everything that we need ahead of time, because of our trust in you. In the presence of others you openly shower us with your love and display your kindness, because we are your beloved children that you desire

Equipped, Prepared, Engaged

Are you not indeed MY CHURCH? I will build you, because you belong to ME, says the LORD. You are the work of My hands. You are the expression of My own heart! I have formed you for My purposes and made you perfectly and precisely for such a time as this and I will use you for My glory.

Changes and Challenges

You will always face changes and challenges in your life, says the LORD. Don’t fret about any of them. For I Am aware and on spot to help you with every uncertainty and every new assignment that you have. Don’t hang onto the wilted flowers and moldy food, but receive a fresh bouquet that is given to you and eat

Prepared, Preserved and Reserved Provision

Everything that you need has been laid up in store for you, says the LORD. There is nothing that is not already prepared, already reserved, and already preserved for you. No one can steal what I have placed your name on, and there will be no counterfeit blessings. Everything is authentic, priceless, precious and perfect. I design and hand craft