Don’t give up, says the LORD. Don’t faint in the times of adversity, but stand straight and tall in every time of challenge and do not give in to the will of the enemy or compromise or cower when the enemy roars at you and shows you his teeth. I Am with you, to help you, support you, empower you and strengthen you. Know that I have made YOU an instrument in My hands that has sharp teeth. You are not to be consumed by the enemy, but you will spoil him, devour the prey and overcome as you place your faith and confidence in Me and My infallible word, says the LORD.

Just stand, says the LORD. The enemy cannot conquer you, and his threats are idle. He cannot carry them out, but I will carry out every plan and every strategy against his diabolical works and destroy them. Hold onto My unfailing hand that holds you up and keeps you from falling. Be confident that I Am for you and not against you. I Am your faithful friend; I will stick close by your side at all times, and you will never face the enemy alone. I will always empower you to win, and you will know that I am all powerful, ever present and all knowing, and I Am with you always to insure your total victory, says the LORD.

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