It is Not over, says the LORD. Just wait and see! I’m not finished with you yet! Don’t give up on the vision that I have given you! You have not seen it come to pass yet, but it will! I Am shaping you, even in adversity. You will not be destroyed by the enemy, and My plans and purposes for you will not be aborted. You will come forth with victory and be stronger, not weaker, and those things that the enemy did to defeat you will work in your behalf and against him. His diabolical purposes will be foiled and work against the kingdom of darkness, and he will be robbed and spoiled, not you, says the LORD.

I will enlarge you, promote you, empower you, equip you, enhance you, provision you, strengthen you and bring you into the place of promise, says the LORD. You will come up higher, have greater impact than you thought possible, and will have the increase. Small is not what I have authored for you. I will rebuild YOU, and the former things will pass away, and not even be missed as I Make you as well as all things new for you, says the LORD.

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