Embrace the Blessings

Gods Blessings
Gods Blessings

Your troubles are a big zero, and your blessings are a huge plus, says the LORD. Look at it that way! For if you magnify the negative, you will not even have eyes to see the incredible blessings that I have daily loaded you with. I add NO SORROW TO THEM, so take the good that I have given you and let that be your focus as you minimize the things that are meaningless and temporary, says the LORD.

The things that concern you are only a distraction, says the LORD. They darkness has to give way to the light that I give you. Not only will My light be in you, but it will be around you so that you can see clearly that I have rained down My blessings upon you and given you unspeakable gifts that cannot be extracted from you. The only thing that will change is that which is troublesome. Your blessings REMAIN. I REMAIN faithful and true, and you will have everything you need as you embrace the blessings upon blessings that I give unto you, and relinquish every care and burden as you cast them onto Me, and enjoy My meticulous care for you, says the LORD.

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