I Am your healer, says the LORD. For this is the Word that I send to you: a healing and delivering Word. For what I speak, I do. Just as I spoke the Word, “Let there be Light,” and There was light, so shall it be with your healing. I Sent MY WORD to heal you, and just as I said, that is exactly what I mean, and that is what I will do. For My Word becomes flesh and dwells among you. It is tangible. It is living. It is creating. It is living and it is powerful. My Word is an active power to give you life, and bring you healing! Do not think that I have come for just a few, and only a hand full will be healed while I pass you by, for I have come for YOU, and whosoever will! HEALING IS FOR YOU, as I paid that price for you, says the LORD.

I have sent My Word to deliver you, says the LORD. There is nothing that can hold you back, for the sword of My Word cuts you free, breaks every chain, looses every captive, opens the prison doors and liberates. For this is My Word that has a purpose, and My purpose is to PERFORM IT, not to give empty promises. BE HEALED and BE DELIVERED, for this is My will for you to be every wit whole and totally free, says the Lord.

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