Cancel every appointment with the enemy, says the LORD. There is no place of agreement, mediation, or compromise. You cannot believe a liar and a thief who only wants to destroy you. That is his only agenda: to steal, kill, and destroy. GIVE HIM NO PLACE or space in your life, and shut your ears to his stout, threatening words. Close the door in the face of seducing spirits that want to flatter you, manipulate you, abuse you, condemn you, and ultimately destroy you, says the LORD.

You have better things to do than to entertain ONE MORE LIE of the enemy, says the LORD. You do not need to hear ONE more accusing word or listen to those threats that cannot be carried out. I HAVE GOOD NEWS FOR YOU. I Have good thoughts, plans, purposes that are DESIGNED for you, and none of them will harm you or make you cry! I will give you JOY AND LAUGHTER, and you will be glad, not sad. You will be built up, not torn down. You will be pleased with what I have to say, what I plan to do, and the things that I have laid up in store for you. I will give you favor and grace and comfort you. You will never sorrow in My presence where I will give you fullness of joy and pleasure. You will know that I Am your faithful friend that abides, and My love for you is unselfish, unrelenting, inexhaustible, dependable, unfeigned, and unimpeachable, says the LORD.

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