Recognize Your Enemy

Recognize your enemy and identify his diabolical works and know that he is the source of all pain, sickness, grief and loss, says the LORD. He is the one who brings disease. His works are never good, and he is the author of confusion.  He is a liar, and cannot speak the truth.  KNOW your friend! Understand that I Am

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone, says the LORD. I AM with you always. I did not leave you to face your difficulties all alone. Though many have forsaken you and turned their backs on you in the times when you were looking for help, I have not abandoned you. I Am your friend that sticks closer to you than a brother,

Break Through the Darkness

Light through window

I will break through the darkness and give you light, says the LORD. I will break through the your weakness and give you strength. I will break through your depression and give you joy that is unspeakable and full of My glory. I Am your ALL in ALL and I AM not sleeping on the job. I never slumber nor

I Am That Friend

I Am that friend that sticks closer to you than a brother, says the LORD. For there is never a time that I will abandon you or unfriend you. I will never block you. I will never turn My back on you. There is nothing that you can tell Me that will shock Me. Come boldly to Me and share