I Will Suddenly Turn Things Around For You

You will not be as an unstable vessel that is driven by the wind and tossed, says the LORD. I will strengthen and help you. I will under gird you. I will stand alongside to help you, defend you, and make you stronger in your faith in Me. Indeed, you will become bold as a lion and wag your head at the enemy, even as I do. You will not cry, but laugh. For I have already decreed. I have already set things in order, and I have already pronounced your certain victory, says the LORD.

The enemy will suddenly be as a woman in travail. But there will be no birthing of new life for him, says the Lord. His pain will not produce any life or pleasure but only anguish of soul as I arise and defend you and deliver you and restore you. Your sorrow will be turned to joy. Your travail will produce new life and you will rejoice and be exceedingly glad, when I suddenly turn things around for you, says the LORD.

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