My Blessings are Not Burdens

Don’t let things enslave you, says the Lord. I have daily loaded you with benefits, and bondage to things is not a what I have purposed for you. I give you good things to enjoy, not to stress you, rule over you, keep you from sleeping and constantly taxing you. What I give you are GOOD things to enjoy that enhance you and add to you, not deplete you. The things that you have from Me are to serve you and equip you for every good work that I have called and chosen you to do. You are not to become a slave to them. I have given you blessings and add no sorrow to them, says the LORD.

My blessings that I give you are not burdens, says the LORD. Do not let the deceitfulness of riches and the cares of this life choke out the seed of My Word in you. I want you to have a bountiful harvest, and not a disappointing, failed harvest. Get rid of those things that are just dead weights that serve no purpose so that you are free to serve me and not be encumbered with the care of things that do not even give you any pleasure or purpose, but just bring you grief. I want you to enjoy the work of your hands, take pleasure in your purpose, give selflessly and have time to rest and become refreshed, says the LORD.

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