My Joy is Your Strength

My joy is your strength, says the LORD. It is not a joy that depends upon circumstances, because they will change like the weather. But My joy is consistent, regardless your environs, your situations, the scope of your trials or the place that you find yourself in. My joy is unconditional, for I AM your joy, and I have given you joy to abide in you, even as I do, says the LORD.

You need me to strengthen you, and joy is there to do that all the time. For you can endure the difficulties for the joy that is set before you, knowing ahead of time that the outcome will be good. This is not a story with a happy ever after ending, but a truth that endures forever. Did you not remember that I said that I would tell my profitable servants, “Enter into the joy of the Lord?” But you do not have to wait for that entrance, for My joy is yours NOW, even as I Am, says the LORD.

I want you to be filled with My joy for the journey, says the LORD. Remember how Paul and Silas sang praises unto Me when their backs were bleeding, they were in stocks, and darkness was all around them in the prison cell, because they were persecuted for My sake. You too can sing at your midnight hour and be strengthened in he most trying times when you do not know what is going to happen to you. You KNOW the outcome already, for it is only GOOD, says the Lord.

You can sing in the dessert places of your life, says the Lord You can rejoice at the spoiling of your goods. You can sing when nothing seems to be going well. You can have joy in times of uncertainty, for what you know is that I Am with you to bring you out of every trouble, deliver you from ever affliction, loose you from every prison house, give you unspeakable joy in My presence and I will, yes I will turn your sorrow into JOY, and you will have renewed strength, says the LORD.

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