Don’t frustrate yourself with concern for the future that you cannot control, manipulate or change, says the LORD. It is in My hands. Your times, your seasons are completely in My control. You just need to place your trust in Me for now and ever. For you did not create yourself. You cannot dictate your own steps and you cannot force things to change or to stop or start. I have the reins of your life and I AM the SOVEREIGN. Look to ME. Lean on Me. I can help you. I will guide you with My eye, as you allow Me to be your pursuit and you wait upon Me. Nothing will ever be out of MY control, and nothing is to hard for me, says the LORD.

Patiently wait on Me and believe that your life is significant, your steps ordained by Me, and the times that you feel you are in a holding pattern are also purposeful, says the LORD. Learn to lean. Learn to wait. Learn to depend upon Me rather than allowing your circumstances to dictate how you feel. Learn to rest in Me. Learn that I have kept you all the days of your life and I AM able to take care of the rest of your days. Believe that I, who have numbered the hairs on your head am aware of your needs, aware of your concerns, aware of everything and I am aware of YOU! You have not been sidelined or forgotten. The down times are just as needful and important as the up times, and all work together for good according to My purpose and plan for your life, says the LORD.

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