God will Fulfill

Placed, Positioned, Prepared, Empowered

God will FulfillYou are not an “oops”, or the product of someone else’s making, but a special creation, says the LORD. You have a good purpose. I did not plan for you to be idle, unproductive, ignored, bypassed or on stand-by.  You have been placed, positioned, and prepared for such a time as this.  You will not be an observer or a cheer leader, for I have things for YOU TO DO that are important, powerful, productive, and purposeful, says the LORD.

Preparations have been ongoing, says the LORD. Things that you have undergone have only tempered you, strengthened you, and caused you to be better and more valuable than before.  Remember Joseph of old, and his endurance through the difficult times when he was falsely accused and imprisoned.  He did not understand why he had to suffer these things, but I suddenly turned things around for him. You will witness a change as you too will see that the trying of your faith will not be a useless waste of time, but it will become a force that will empower you to produce much more for My kingdom than you ever thought or imagined.  Be patient. IT is NOT OVER, but your times will change. The seasons will change, and you will see the purpose that I have ordained for your life, and you will engage in the Work that I have created you for, and your will bear much fruit for My kingdom, by MY SPIRIT and for MY glory, says the LORD.

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