I have given you a position of power and authority, says the LORD. You are to reign in life as a king and a priest under Me. You are not to be a push over or one who can be walked on. I have given you the power of My Holy Spirit to overcome everything that you face, to overwhelm the enemy that comes against you, and to be a mighty person of valor that is armed and dangerous to the enemy. You are filled with My might and My glory and equipped to do great feats for Me and My kingdom, says the LORD.

You can make the hard decisions, says the LORD. You can stand and contend for faith that You have been given. You can defeat the wicked one and enter into your promised land of blessings. You can do the impossible, because I strengthen you, help you, embrace you, fortify you, and stand with you, supporting you, empowering you and giving you the wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding that you need in every situation you face. YOU CAN face the enemy head on, with confidence that he will run from you, for you are never to succumb to his false authority, or pay attention to his threats that he has no power or ability to carry out. With Me you can conquer and overcome everything that comes your way, and you will never be defeated, if you refuse to cower, says the LORD.

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