Satisfaction Guaranteed!

You have heard in the past, Merchants promising you, “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” only to be disappoint and disillusioned, because they did not honor their word, says the LORD. You trusted that they would stand behind their claims, and you suffered the loss. But I will NOT disappoint you, says the LORD. When I tell you that I will fully satisfy you, I mean exactly that. There will be no fine print that I will point you to as a loophole that you overlooked, so that I can nullify My promise. I keep My Word, and My promises are fulfilled for all who will embrace them by faith, says the LORD.

You will be glad and not saddened by what I have prepared for you, says the LORD. I will give you the desires of your heart. For I will NOT complicate My Word. I will not compromise it. I will NOT water it down so that it loses its impact and power. I mean what I say, and you can lay hold of every WORD that I have spoken, and know that I will fulfill it. I will give you the help that you need, and hear and answer your prayers. I Am the One who will satisfy the longing of your soul, and no one who trusts in Me and waits upon Me will ever be disappointed, says the LORD.

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