Songs of Deliverance

Sing unto ME a new song of praise and thanksgiving, and let your heart be filled with My Spirit of joy and laughter, says the LORD. For I want to hear a NEW sound coming forth from you. You have cried and you have mourned, and you have lamented long enough. It is time to rejoice! It is time to sing! It is time to release the shout of elation and compose a new psalm of triumph and victory, says the LORD.

Enough of the dirge and somber song that has accompanied the funeral march, says the LORD. Enough of death and dying, grief and loss! I say, rejoice in Me and march to a new melody! Submerge yourself in the pleasure of My presence and be filled with the gladness that is MY gift to you. For though you have wept sorely, I will dry your tears, give you a lively hope and your sorrow will melt away as you are filled with holy laughter and sing songs of deliverance, says the LORD.

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