Stressed and Stretched

The things that have stressed you and stretched you will not break you, says the LORD. They will only cause you to be enlarged and expanded. You will not fit into the clothes that you wore before, for you will have grown. You will not wear the dark, heavy garments of depression, but will be clad with praise and thanksgiving. For your strength will be evident. Your mind will be set. Your heart will have a new determination, and you will go forth with renewed strength, and a greater vision, says the LORD.

Not only will things be made new for you, but you will be new, says the LORD. Your weakness will give way to strength. Your faint heartedness will give way to a new boldness. You will no longer be timid, but you will be bold and courageous. A new energy will propel you and you will be ignited, excited, zealous for good works and joyful in all that I have called and chosen you to do., says the LORD.

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