Stressed and Stretched

The things that have stressed you and stretched you will not break you, says the LORD. They will only cause you to be enlarged and expanded. You will not fit into the clothes that you wore before, for you will have grown. You will not wear the dark, heavy garments of depression, but will be clad with praise and thanksgiving.

I Don’t Pressure, Stress or Stretch You

I’m not pressuring you, stressing you or stressing you to the breaking point, says the LORD. I Am gentle and kind, and I will not push and shove, but I will lead you. The enemy is the one who is the mastermind of stress and he will shove you and bully you and cause you to be overwhelmed. I AM

Stretched for Expansion and Enlargement

I will stretch you for the purpose of expansion, says the LORD. You will NOT break, and I will Never stretch you to the point of bursting! I will NOT stress you! That is not what I do! I Am a GOD of tranquility and peace, but when you are stretched through the trying of your faith, know that your