I will surprise you with sudden blessings that you never expected, and never even asked Me for, because you are My beloved child and have placed your life in My hands, says the LORD. My hands provide for you. My hands protect you. My hands feed you and clothe you. My hands heal and deliver you. My hands shield you and cover you. My hands secure you, and MY hands that have created you for purpose, and positioned you in My kingdom that is without end, will bless you, says the LORD.

I will attend to your need, says the LORD. I will lavish My love upon you and give you My hidden treasures that are reserved for those who love Me, honor Me, obey Me and seek My will. As you place your priorities on Me, don’t you realize that you will become MY PRIORITY? I will give you My supernatural intervention, My untold blessings and My undiscovered gifts that will enhance you, furnish you, equip you and furnish you onto every good work that I have called you to do, and you will never want or lack any good thing, says the LORD.

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