Goodness and Mercy Will Follow You

Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your earthly sojourn as you follow ME, says the LORD. Every day means now and forever, as I Am the One who orders your steps, supplies your need, and gives you GOOD things to enjoy. I have not changed My mind, and I will not forget My promises to you.

Daily Devotional: God’s Infallible Love

Thank you, Lord, that we are assured of your infallible love. We love you because you first loved us and gave your life for us. We can depend upon your constant care, love, presence, and when we seek you, we will find YOU. We are safe and secure in your tender, loving, caring arms that embrace us, provide, protect and

Daily Devotional: Friendship, Fellowship, Communion

Thank you, Lord, that we have constant friendship and communion and fellowship with you, because you came to us, knocked on our heart’s door, and we invited you to come in. You are our faithful friend and companion and live in us, with us, and are all powerful. You are the one we lean on, and we can entrust you

I Will Never Fail You

I Am your everything, says the Lord. I AM your All in All. You will be complete in ME. You will be fulfilled in Me. You will have everything that you need, as I occupy you, fill you, empower you, equip you, and help you. There is NOTHING that I do not have, nothing I cannot do, and nothing that

Sudden, Unexpected Blessings

I will surprise you with sudden blessings that you never expected, and never even asked Me for, because you are My beloved child and have placed your life in My hands, says the LORD. My hands provide for you. My hands protect you. My hands feed you and clothe you. My hands heal and deliver you. My hands shield you

Your Future Will Be Secure, Safe, Successful

The forecast of your future is not in the hands of man, says the LORD. Governments, economic conditions, people, places, and things are not in charge of your destiny. I AM the SOVEREIGN, I Am YOUR GOD, and I AM in control, says the LORD. The earth belongs to ME! The silver and gold are MINE. I made it, know

Daily Devotional: You Quiet Our Fears

Lord, I thank you that when I am afraid, I can put My trust in you. You will quiet My fears and give me the assurance that no matter how bad things are, you are with me and those I love, to secure us, protect us, help us, and provide everything we need. Your presence is comforting and we have

Daily Devotional: I Will Answer

Thank you, Lord, for honoring all our prayers, our petitions, and granting us the desires of our hearts.  We trust that you hear, that you care, that you are aware of every need, and that you are with us, to protect, provide, empower, and renew our strength. Thank you for your spectacular works that you show us in our lives and

Unfailing Compassion

I Am unfailing in My compassion, says the LORD. It never fails and is renewed every morning. My compassion for you is My love in action. I Am not a silent observer that passively stands by you without offering any assistance! I Am your helper, and not with you to shame you, blame you, condemn you, but to save you.

Living Hope

Hope in ME, says the Lord. That is not wasted energy, but alive and productive. It is not empty and barren but filled with faith that brings your hopes into reality.  I Am your hope, and I Am very much alive!  I live in you.  I live with you.  I Am the One who will fulfill you, furnish you, provide,