Get ready for a new approach in a new day that I have created for you, says the LORD. Do away with the depressive thoughts and shun the fears. Put on the garment of praise, for this is a conquering day. This is the day that the enemy forces are turning back. I have empowered you to chase after the retreating enemy rather than to be chased. You will tear down those strongholds by the power of My Holy SPIRIT in you, and you will be victorious, says the LORD.

My armor of light that you are clad with will blind the enemy, says the LORD. He hates the light and will run from it. Darkness will no longer hide his diabolical deeds that are exposed by My light that is in and around you. It is time for you to move toward the possession of your personal promised land. Be brave and bold. Fight to possess, and never turn back. For you have been given powerful, superior weapons to use against the enemy. He will not drive you into a corner, as you fight the good fight of faith violently oppose the enemy, and run him off, as you possess the land, says the LORD.

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