Think Fresh, New, Positive, Powerful, Productive Faith Thoughts

Think big, think new, think fresh, positive, powerful, productive faith thoughts, says the LORD. The old mindset of negative thoughts of failure and fear of the future has to be shut down in order for the new to come to the forefront and dominate your thinking and change the way you speak. Think first before you speak, and then act upon My Word that is in your heart that must come forth out of your mouth. The change that you long for will begin as you think differently, because you will go in the direction that hour thoughts take you, says the LORD.

You cannot think too big, says the Lord. Naysayers will tell you that you only have grandiose illusions, pipe dreams and vain imaginations. They will tell you that you have foolishness rather than faith, and your goals are too lofty, your hopes are too high and your vision is one of your own heart. But I ask you, is anything too hard for Me? Success stories that you have heard about began with a thought, a vision, an idea and all that seemed foolishness to many. But the naysayers and dissenting voices were WRONG, says the LORD.

I want you to dream again, think again in a new way, and believe again, for if you focus on past failures or disappointments, you will repeat the same thing, for the past is dead and I give you a living hope, says the LORD. I want you to remember that My thoughts and plans for you are higher, My vision perfect and My desires for you to accomplish great feats for My kingdom and glory are GREATER than yours. You cannot out think Me when it comes to vision, and as you renew your mind on My Word and let My Word flow out of your renewed Mind and heart, and you act on it and then you will see miracles, signs, wonders, because you dared to believe, and speak it boldly and pursue it radically, and do so in active, unwavering faith and trust in Me and My infallible Word, says the LORD.

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