You Are Free to Chose

You are free to choose Me, free to obey My voice, free to follow Me, free to serve Me, and free to have intimate fellowship with Me, says the LORD. I did not make you a puppet, but I liberated you so that you can choose. I command, but it is your choice of whether to obey or not. I give you directions and enlighten the path that is before you, and I open doors for you, but it is your choice of whether you will follow Me, take the steps I order, and go through the open doors, says the LORD.

I will not force you do to anything, says the LORD. I make that way for you, and lead by My SPIRIT, but you are free to go in the opposite direction and obey the counsel of others rather than Mine. You cannot have two masters. CHOOSE ME, and obey My Voice, and it will be will with you. I will never do anything that is not good for you, and although you were in darkness, I brought you out of it. The prison of the enemy could not lock you in. The doors have been open, and you are NOW totally free! Make up your mind what you will do, and DO IT. You are NOT bound. You are My liberated, beloved child, and I want you to serve Me because I have loved you with an everlasting love, and you love Me, says the LORD.

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