Your Vision is Not an Illusion

I want you to have unwavering faith in Me, says the LORD. Don’t let your troubles blind you! Don’t allow the storms of life to cloud your vision that I have given you. Squelch out the negative voices that always see the worst in everything and in you as well. I never sent them to discredit you or keep you in condemnation, fear, doubt, and unbelief. They do not know you as I do, and their sight is narrow and distorted, says the Lord.

Your vision is not an illusion, says the Lord. Don’t allow anyone to dismantle your dreams and destroy your hope and confidence in Me to fulfill them and give you your highest heart’s desires, as you trust in Me and wait on Me.. As you seek ME with all your heart, you will not only find Me, but you will discover your purpose, find the path that leads to fulfillment, and you will be fully equipped and empowered and propelled to possess your personal promised land of blessing that will totally satisfy the longing of your soul, says the LORD.

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