Blanketed By My Comfort and Peace

I Am your comforter, says the LORD. Although you may feel the pressures from troubles on every side, I have come alongside to help you and to give you the comfort of My love, the comfort of My presence, the comfort of My promises, and the comfort of My Holy Spirit. I WILL comfort you in any trouble and you will be blanketed by My abiding peace even in the midst of the most violent storms in life, says the LORD.

Sudden winds of adversity will not topple you, says the LORD. The flood gates of the enemy that are unleashed against you will NOT reach you. I will stand in front of you to shield you, be your rear guard, cover you with My feathers, and you will be safe and secure from the on slot of enemy attacks and diabolical forces of darkness and evil. I will radiate the light of the countenance of My glory upon you, and amid all the darkness, there will be light. Even as I have separated the darkness from the light, you will be separate. Darkness will not put out My light in you, and you will shine more brightly than ever before as the contrast will be so striking! It is not a time to fear, for failure is not even on the table, and never an option. Victory belongs to you, and is absolute, for I Am with you always, to protect, empower, and anoint you with My mighty power, and use you for My glory, says the LORD.

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