Compassion and Faithfulness

My compassion is renewable day by day, and My faithfulness is unimpeachable toward you, says the Lord.  It is not a variable, but a constant. You can depend upon Me. You can lean upon Me and I will never allow you to fall.  I will hold you up and keep you stable and steady. Though the times are unstable and cause many to fear, you do not have to live in a constant state of unrest. I Am your keeper. I Am your endless supply and I will take care of you. I will provision you.  Even in times of drought I will cause you to be fruitful.  My children, and your children will not need to beg bread, for I will feed you, shelter you, defend you.  I have this, says the Lord. Keep trusting in My love and look to Me as your resource in good and bad times, says the Lord.

Nothing overwhelms Me and I Am not subject to the conditions that are all around you, says the LORD. I Am superior to everything and everyone.  Nothing takes Me by surprise and nothing can conquer me. Therefore as you place your entire existence in My hands, as you attach yourself to my easy yoke and light burden, you will KNOW abiding peace and rest that cannot be broken by the bad news that infiltrates the environment around you.  Listen instead to My voice, for I have never forsaken you and will not forsake you ever. I have never allowed you to become a victim of circumstances before, and I will take care of you continually. You are not a victim, but My empowered child that has authority and power in ME.  Take your position of an overcomer and as royalty in My kingdom and focus on Me, for as your Everlasting Father, as your Prince of Peace, you will know that I will be with you always and supply all your need regardless of the times and seasons, says the Lord.

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