Declare My Infallible Word

I have placed My infallible Word in your heart and I desire you to declare it with your mouth, says the LORD.  Publish My Word, and let the runners run with it!  Let My voice resound with the good news that will echo through the land.  I have given you My GOOD WORD. It is a healing Word.  It is a Word of peace.  It is a Word of power.  It is a Word of provision.  It is a Word of hope.  It is a Word of help.  It is a Word of comfort.  It is a Word of cleansing and forgiveness.  It encourages and builds up.  It is light and LIFE.   My Word sets the captives free.  My Word saves.  My Word penetrates and breaks up the hard ground around you and will penetrate the lives and hearts of others, says the LORD.

My Word and My WILL and My Work are the same, says the LORD.  Let My Word of faith be spoken and I will watch over it to perform it. I will expedite it.  For I Am the cause and I Am the affect.  I will do what I say, for no power can stop ME.  As you speak what I Am speaking, and desire what I desire, and Work MY Work, then you will see the performance of those things that I Am the author of.  You will see the explosion of the greater works that you have longed for as you stand up and proclaim that I Am GOD, and nothing is impossible with Me, and nothing will be impossible for those who believe in Me and take Me at My Word, says the LORD.

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