Let My Word Become You

Infallible is infallible, and My Word is infallible, says the LORD. Will you believe in the words of mere man that perishes, but will not trust in Mine that is eternal? Know Who I AM! I cannot lie. I cannot change, I cannot fail. I cannot be manipulated. I cannot be bought. I cannot be controlled. I cannot be stopped!

I Created with the Word

I created with the WORD of My mouth, says the LORD. When I spoke, I did NOT have to repeat it. I did not say, “Let there be light,” again and again. I spoke, and it was done. I commanded and it was performed. I watch over MY WORD to perform it. I do not have to say what I

Who I Am

It is all about Me and Who I Am and what I have done and what I will do, says the LORD. It is about My power, My authority, My presence,My infallible Word, and My SPIRIT! I Am in complete control and nothing escapes My attention and nothing is off limits for Me. It is not about what you can

Declare My Word

I have placed My infallible Word in your heart and I desire you to declare it with your mouth, says the LORD.  Publish My Word, and let the runners run with it!  Let My voice resound with the good news that will echo through the land.  I have given you My GOOD WORD. It is a healing Word.  It is