Fear Is Not an Option

Fear is not an option for you, says the Lord.  Do not even think thoughts like that.  I AM not the author of fear and the doubts that go through your mind are not from Me.  I will never cause you anguish.  The evil one is the one who tries to distract you from the gift of My peace and make you uneasy and fretful.  Reject those dark thoughts that bring on depression and cause you to despair.  Look for the good that I have for you, and shake off the defeatist attitudes.  I have created you anew and have given you ultimate victory in Me, says the Lord.

As you rest in My goodness and mercy, you will resist the bad news that would cause you uneasiness, says the Lord. I Am the creator of good things, and that is what I have in store for you, as you entrust Me with your life and destiny.  My purposes will unfold one day at a time as I provision you and lead you gently toward your highest heart’s desire.  Enter into My fullness of joy that awaits you in My presence and cast every care that you are bogged down with upon Me.  I will not only carry every burden that you shift over onto Me, but I will carry you as you yoke up with me and learn that I am for you and not against you.  I will keep you at all times as you maintain your focus on Me and trust in My constant love and concern for you, says the Lord.

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