Wholehearted Praise

Take off the heavy cost of depression and throw it far away from you, says the LORD. None of those dark thoughts come from Me. The tormenting and troubling thoughts that cause you doubt and fear and depression are of the enemy. Give them NO PLACE, and put on My garment of praise that I have prepared for you. Do

Don’t Succumb to Depression

Don’t succumb to depression, says the LORD. Fight against it, for it is not of Me. Darkness can be defeated with the light that I have given you. Rise up and conquer the illegitimate thoughts that the enemy is planting in your mind, and renew your mind in My Word. For the enemy loves to play games with you, and

I Am Touched

I Am touched by the very feeling of your infirmities, says the Lord. I see your pain. I know your sorrow. I understand your feelings. I feel your grief. I will walk with you through every moment and undergird you. I will hold you by your hand and keep you from falling. I will undertake for you. I did not

No Longer Bound

I have loosed the bands and fetters that have kept you bound, and opened the prison doors and set you at liberty, says the LORD. You are no longer bound. You are free. Walk out of the darkness and the depression and the encumbrances of the enemy and walk in My light that is before you.  I have set you free

Do Not Wallow in Depression

Do not wallow in depression, says the Lord, for My joy is your strength. I do not want you to be cast down.  Lift up your head and keep it high, for I have Made you a beloved child.  I have great things in store for you.  You are very important to Me.  Do not look down but look up

I Will Restore Vitality

I will restore vitality to you as I breathe new life into you, says the Lord. It is the very breath of My Spirit that will raise you up out of depression and despondency.  I will cause you to overcome in these trying times and be victorious over the onslaught of the enemy.  His attacks will not defeat or overwhelm you,

Fear Is Not an Option

Fear is not an option for you, says the Lord.  Do not even think thoughts like that.  I AM not the author of fear and the doubts that go through your mind are not from Me.  I will never cause you anguish.  The evil one is the one who tries to distract you from the gift of My peace and

It Is a New Day

It is a new day with fresh new vision, says the Lord.  You have been walking in darkness and defeat long enough. You have wallowed in depression far to long. The long night of your wrestling is over.  The dawning of the new day is upon you.  The freshness of My light and life encompasses you.  It is the light

Depression and Gloominess

Do not wallow in depression and gloominess, says the Lord, for there is no darkness in the light of the countenance of My face that shines upon you.  Reject the dark thoughts of the enemy as he endeavors to invade your thinking and try to convince you that they are your thoughts.  Resist those dark images and imaginations that he