My gifts that I have given you are perfect and irrevocable, My love is unimpeachable, and your calling is sure, says the Lord. But I will choose those who choose Me. They will be My bright and shining ones in the land of the living, and their lamps will only grow brighter and brighter as their environs grow darker and darker. They will never run out of the oil of My Holy SPIRIT, but will be filled, refreshed, and renewed continually as they seek Me with all their hearts, and refuse to turn back, says the LORD.

I take no pleasure in those who begin, but refuse to finish the race and keep their faith in Me, says the LORD. There is no such thing as a U-turn on the path of righteousness. There are NO stop signs. You will see caution signs, and will be warned of potential pitfalls if you veer off the path, but there will never be walls to scale, roadblocks, or detours. It is bright, and I have given you everything that you need to FINISH WELL. Keep your eyes on the path, and do not look to the right or left or become distracted with another way that is never MY WAY. Be vigilant. Be strong. ENDURE! Continue to walk in the light that I have given you, and KNOW that I AM with you to hold you up, and keep you from falling or failing. You never need to fret about the outcome as long as you obey My voice and follow Me. You will not be lost if you simply hear and obey. My sheep will always hear My voice, and they will follow Me. Be faithful, for it will only be a little while, and you will see Me coming in clouds of glory. Will I find faith in you? For faith is not a word or thought alone, but a walk, and I Am the author and finisher of your faith, but you must choose to obey, says the LORD.

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