I Will Make a Way for You

I will make a way for you when there is no way, says the LORD. You cannot do it, but I can and will! I will not only open doors for you, but I will create them. I will not only show you the path that you are to take, but I will make one just for you that is

Open Doors

When you come to the crossroads, and feel confused at which way to follow, don’t choose either way, says the LORD. Do not look to the left and to the right. JUST look forward. The path is before you, and I will never confuse you. Straight ahead is the way that I have for you to follow, and I will

Do Not Despair


Though the way seems difficult, do not despair, says the LORD. I will make a way for you and open new doors for you. Trust that I will not abandon you and leave you to deal with things on your own. I will always order your steps, one at a time, and enlighten the path ahead of you. You will

Stay the Course

Stay on the course, says the LORD. Do not veer off the path. It is straight and narrow. Be of the few that find it as you do not go to the left or the right. It is NOT an obstacle course. It is not a maze that you get stuck in, confused by, or trapped. It is not full

I Will Make a Way For You

I will make a way for you where there is no way, says the LORD. For I will CREATE a door. I will cause it to happen. For I can make something out of nothing with the sound of My voice. I will call it forth and form it. You will not need to do anything by your own efforts

Open Doors

I will open doors for you, says the Lord. I will enlighten the path before you and you will know My will. Do not fear to go forward, for where I lead you will always be good. I would never steer you wrong or set a trap for you. It will not be confusing. There will only be one door

Nothing Takes Me by Surprise

Nothing takes Me by surprise, says the LORD. The enemy doesn’t know how to set traps to forward frustrate Me, for I see everything, know everything and Am always aware of the future, says the LORD. I will foil his plans against you. I will clear your path that I prepare for you, and enlighten the way for you. I

Path of Righteousness


I will lead you in the path of righteousness, says the LORD. I Am your righteousness. I Am your source and supply. I Am the voice that leads you. You have never been alone. I have never left you to make decisions on your own without My counsel. I Am your wisdom. I Am the ever-present counselor and My counsel

Return onto Me

Return onto Me and come quickly into My presence, says the LORD. Yes, come in your desperation and come bursting into My presence. Come with complete force and zeal. Abandon yourself to ME and rid yourself of outside influences and distractions. Come hungry and thirsty for ME and seek Me with your whole heart. Press into ME! Let Me be

Direct Your Path

Keep your eyes fixed on Me and your ears open to what I am saying, says the LORD, for I will direct your path by My still small voice in you and guide you with My eye. You can depend upon Me at all times. I will bring you through the darkest night and give you the light of a