I Am the Light

I have made you light, says the LORD.  I AM light, and in Me is no darkness at all, and there is NO DARKNESS in you either.  Do not allow the darkness that is all around you become a threat to you.  It cannot extinguish My light that is upon you and in you.  Arise and shine!  Let My glory that is upon you be seen!  Dense darkness can never defeat My light in You!  Do not cower or hide, but come forth and let My light that is upon you penetrate even in the darkest corners of the earth!  My light can never be defeated or put out by darkness, even that which can be felt. For I have made you like a city that is set upon a hill that cannot be hid, says the Lord.

My light that is upon you will brighten the path before you and keep you from stumbling and falling, says the LORD.  Walk in My light and you will never fail nor fall.  You will see the obstacles that are affronting you and be aware of the strategies of the dark one.  Let your lamp  be ever burning as it is fueled perpetually by the oil of MY Spirit in My presence.  The light that will be shed abroad from you will light up the path of My glory for others to follow.  Like a lighthouse that shines in the darkest night and amid the most violent storms of life, many will come to your light into a place of shelter and safety in Me. Come out of obscurity and be light that cannot be put out. Shine in the four corners of the earth so that My glory will be seen on you and change the very environment where you stand. Greater than a laser, My light upon you will pierce into the darkest hearts and bring them the light of My life, says the LORD.

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