I Am Your True Friend

I AM your true friend, says the LORD. I will never abuse you, betray you or deny you. Though others have abandoned you when you needed them the most, and you stood alone, I was faithfully by your side all along. I was there to embrace you, comfort you, listen to you, and give you consolation. I Am your sympathizing Savior. You will never be disappointed or dissatisfied with My friendship, for I Am there to build you up, lift you up, strengthen you, help you and hold you up with My own righteous arm, says the LORD.

I Am not selfish, says the LORD. I have given My all for you when I laid My life down for you so that I could raise you up in newness of life. I bore your sorrows, and paid the price for your healing and deliverance. I did this because I love you and value you. How much more will I do for you now, as your Savior and Lord, and friend? There is no limit, for as My love Is limitless, My grace inexhaustible, I will not restrict you from receiving anything that I have. You are My beloved child, MY FRIEND, and I will give you everything that you need, everything that you desire, everything that you ask Me for, if you will simply come to Me as a little child and believe and receive by simple faith, says the LORD.

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