I Will Never Forsake You

I will never forsake you, says the LORD. I cannot and will not abandon My plan and purpose for your life. I have placed this within you as you were being formed in the womb of your mother. I was there to order every step that you would take in life and provision every one of them. Every preparation is not what I will do but what I have already done, says the LORD. It is finished and complete. All that you need and desire and ask for is already accomplished, for before you even called, I answered. I Am ever present, all knowing, all seeing and all powerful. Yes, I Am the Almighty GOD, and have your present and future in My hands and control, says the LORD.

Do not fret about the future, for all of your times are in My hands, says the LORD. I Am your caregiver and provider. I have taken care of all your need in the past, Am keeping you today, and tomorrow will not be exempt from My care. Did you think anything escapes My attention? I cannot forget you and will not overlook your need. Trust that what I have promised, I will fulfill and I have the resources that you need at all times. The gold and silver belongs to Me, and I know where it is. The cattle that I created belong to Me, and the earth is Mine. It is under My control. I will give you My abiding peace as you entrust your life to Me and believe that there is nothing that I will not do for you. Believe and receive of My goodness that will follow you all the days of your life, for My promises are yes and only yes to those who will believe in ME, regardless of the times and seasons, says the LORD.

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